April 2012 Newsletter  

APRIL 2012
Our Mission: The Door County Historical Society strives to collect, maintain and share the history and heritage of Door County through preservation, education and programming.
Our Vision: We envision a Door County Historical Society that is committed to keeping history alive for future generations through collection, preservation and sharing of the heritage of Door County.

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 6:30 p.m.
Served by parents and students of St. John Bosco School.
Annual fundraising event for student activities.

Baked Chicken and Ham, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Almonds,
Homemade Dinner Rolls, Salads, Pickles and Olives, Bars for Dessert

PROGRAM: American Folklore Theater presented by Patty Williamson and Holly Feldman (Books on the
History of the American Folklore history will be available at the meeting for $20.00.)

Dear Friends,
Hope you all came through this winter in good shape. Imagine, this is our 86th year, and it promises to be a great one. We have a lot of things going on with the completion of the Village and progress at our Hanson House. The Lighthouse programs will offer our visitors tours. With a cooperative effort with Peninsula Park, we can expand our offerings and make your visit more educational and fun for the whole family. If you haven’t visited Eagle Bluff lately, this is the year to do so.
Dan Olson and his team have put together a season full of informative and entertaining programs at the Village, so check your weekend calendar. Our volunteers’ reward for their dedication is your attendance.
Linda Sealey, our Program Chair, has been busy assembling some great monthly dinner programs, each dedicated to entertain and inform. We have been so fortunate having excellent attendance at our meetings, but there could be more. Be sure to look over the schedule and plan to attend. You will meet interesting people, have a great meal and learn about Door County history. Now that is a good deal. Hope to see you there.
Finally, the Hanson House is coming along very well. By fall of this year we should have the inside nearly done. Stop and take a look. Our carpenter is usually around and would be delighted to show you around.
Lots of things going on during our 86th year. Come and join the fun.

George Evenson, President
Door County Historical Society

We must receive your reservation by April 16
NAME _________________________________________________________________
PHONE __________________
NUMBER ATTENDING _____ X $16.50 DINNER AMOUNT _________________
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: $15.00 ________________________
HUSBAND/WIFE MEMBERSHIP: $25.00 __________________
INDIVIDUAL LIFE MEMBERSHIP: $150.00 __________________
I (we) would like to make an additional
donation to the DCHS __________________ TOTAL ENCLOSED: ____________________

Notes from the Curator…
The sun is shining, the breezes are gentle, the birds are singing, the trees are budding…it’s spring! And with spring comes the re-opening of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. On Friday, May 18 at 10 am, our staff will open the doors on the 2012 season. And we are ready for a wonderful summer and fall!
So what can you expect at the 144-year old lighthouse this year? First and foremost, I am most pleased to welcome back our entire 2011 staff. Smart, competent, friendly, and more than willing to go with the flow, our docents are the best ever and I am so delighted to spend my days with these amazing people.
Once again, welcome to our new Peninsula State Park superintendent Kelli Bruns. What a “girl wonder,” and so important to the future operation of the lighthouse. Within months of her arrival, we—the park staff and the DCHS lighthouse committee—have moved forward with lightening speed. Monthly meetings have clearly identified Eagle Bluff’s immediate, as well as long term, goals. After years of neglect, we have formed a plan for much needed repairs and historic corrections. Some of the proposed projects include: removal of wallpaper, plastering and painting the interior walls, removal of exterior whitewash, and identifying ownership of artifacts.
We are anticipating a busy season…to date we have more than 50 tours scheduled, and counting. Three couples will exchange their vows at Eagle Bluff, and I am sure that number will also increase. Door County Trolley will continue visiting our lighthouse Monday through Friday, although the Saturday visits have been suspended. AJ Frank, Trolley owner, is a great friend of Eagle Bluff and we value his support.
Special events:
 Peninsula State Park is hosting a free day on Sunday, June 3, and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse will also offer free admission.
 The annual Door County Maritime Museum sponsored Lighthouse Festival will be held June 8 – 10 and we are looking forward to a busy weekend.
 Gibraltar Historical Association is hosting its annual Heritage Days event June 6 – 9. Themed around fabric arts, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse’s Julia Duclon will be honored for her amazing quilting skills. Last year, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was the recipient of a gift of 25 quilts, some of which will be on display onsite.
 We do not have an announced date, but the lighthouse will once again host lantern-light tours in late September and early October. Specific dates will be announced later in the season.
How can you help…well, let me count the ways!! We can always “employ” volunteers. So often our docents are totally involved with tours and need help at the admissions counter. If you enjoy talking to people, you will enjoy volunteering at Eagle Bluff.
The lighthouse is listed on both the national and state registries of historic places. Unfortunately, a plaque was never secured for the national registry. A major project this summer is the restoration of an exterior wall that was whitewashed, and is currently pock-holed. Once the wall is repaired, it would be wonderful to install a plaque honoring our place as a national historical site. The price of a plaque is in the range of $250 – $350. Please let me know if you would be interested in contributing to the purchase of the plaque. We would be so grateful for your support!!!
Hope to see you all at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse…the door is always open. Bring your DCHS member-ship card and you will receive free admission. Happy spring!!

Patti Podgers
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum

The Historical Village at the Crossroads

As of this date, April 4, a great deal of the programming is scheduled for the coming season which opens June 20th. In preparation for the season I would ask all members of the Historical Society to forward names of those you think would make good volunteers and would be happy to help. Sometime in May I will schedule probably two identical training sessions so that everyone is on the same page. I’ve been appreciative of the willing support I’ve received. Projects at the Village are moving along as funds become available. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me at dgolson45@yahoo.com or 920-559-2050. I’m looking forward to a wonderful season! Thank you!

Dan G Olson, Manager
The Historical Village at the Crossroads

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