August 2013 Newsletter  

MONDAY, AUGUST 26 – 6:30 p.m.

DINNER: Chicken, assorted cold salads, beans, apple and cherry pie squares, coffee and water – catered by
Econo Foods, all for only $11.00 per person.

PROGRAM: Interpreters will be in the buildings giving tours, the Blacksmiths will be working, creating and selling their wares, and the Greene Store will have items displayed for sale. Come see all of the changes and new things happening at the Heritage Village.
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To Members of the Historical Society,
It’s hard to believe we will soon be into our fall season. It has been a busy summer. Our thanks to the great volunteers at the Heritage Village. The new highway sign is beginning to attract visitors. Our publicity team is working with a professional, developing contact with publishers in the County getting our message to the public. But it all takes time and a lot of dedication. Each year is better.
We are starting work at the Hanson House project in September putting on a new shingle roof as well as a new floor on the first floor. After that is complete, we will begin finishing the interior, always maintaining a high standard of historical accuracy. Please read the information enclosed with this newsletter. We invite you to become a partner in the Hanson project, as it becomes an important piece of valuable restored history and a reminder of those who came before us.
We recently negotiated an agreement with the DNR park officials to remove some of the antiques from the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. Many date back to the later 1800s. This will add to the historic uniqueness of the project.

George Evenson, President
Door County Historical Society

Aug 11 2:00 pm – “In search of Door County Post Offices from Vignes to Hedgehog” – by Pete Devlin

Aug 18 – 2:00 pm – “Stone Age Man in Door County” by Darrel Cardy. Once thought to be covered by glacial ice, we now know that ancient Paleolithic people lived in Door County at least 10,600 years before present time. The unique stone projectile points they crafted from non-local chert stone material identify these hunter-gathers as Clovis culture, some of the oldest known inhabitants in North America. Darrel is traveling quite a distance to share his story with us – don’t miss this opportunity to hear it first-hand.

Aug 25 – 2:00 pm – “The History and Future Plans for the Former Namur Church” by Bill Chaudoir. When the Green Bay Diocese of the Catholic Church in Namur was scheduled to be demolished, the residents and former members of the church were very reluctant to see their beautiful church beaten down by the wrecking ball. Instead, a significant and very dedicated group of people joined forces to save the building.

Sep 1 – 2:00 pm – “Cherryland A’s Model A Club” First produced on October 20, 1927 the Ford Model A replaced the venerable Model T, which had been produced for 18 years. When Henry Ford produced the Model “T” he was very reluctant to ever change to newer technology. But when sales plummeted, the Ford Motor Company closed its factory for nearly a year to design the new Model “A.”

Sep 8 – 1:00 – 4:00 pm“ Crafts and Produce Day” This is the day when the Village welcomes people from the community to bring their home made crafts and vegetables to sell to our visitors that day. This is a fun day to roam about the village admiring the work of artists and tasting the fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden. To allow ample time, the hours on this day are from 1 – 4 p.m.

Sep 15 – 2:00 pm – “Norwegian Heritage Day” The local chapter of “The Sons of Norway” presents a wide variety of Norwegian art, clothing, food and demonstrations. Come watch a weaver, admire tatting, taste the lefse! This presentation uses every building in the Village, so allow time to see it all.

Heritage Village Picnic and Tour:

Greetings, everyone! First, a word to say the operations at the Village are going very smoothly, with a steady, if not smaller, attendance. I need to thank our steady and dedicated volunteers. And I need to ask you to consider doing the same.
Let me devote this article to the picnic at the Village on August 26th.
Around the turn of the 20th century, people often attended family and community picnics to enjoy one another’s company, catch up on the news, and generally have fun. You can have that same opportunity on August 26th, 2013 at 6:30 pm at the Heritage Village at Big Creek, (2041 Michigan St., Sturgeon Bay) as the Door County Historical Society holds its monthly meeting on the Village grounds. Attendance is not limited to Historical Society members. Invite your friends!!! Anyone who would enjoy a step back in time to a fried chicken dinner and a time to stroll the Village grounds and visit the buildings is cordially invited to do so. Village presenters, dressed in period clothing, will be in each building to welcome you and tell stories of a time gone by. Also, the Village Blacksmiths will be in the Village demonstrating their talents and will have their items for sale. The Village is comprised of 9 buildings, seven of which have been moved to the Village site and carefully restored to the decades of 1880-1910, the era the Village represents. I know even some of our Historical Society mem-bers have not been to the Village. I cannot think of a better time and opportunity!!!

And the years roll on…

In February, 2010, I accepted a job with the Door County Historical Society. My new role would be designated “curator/manager.” My responsibilities, well, literally, would include everything. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…But much to my own surprise, I renewed my unwritten contract and returned for a second season and a third season. Each year became a bit easier; the board was—and is–hugely supportive and encouraging. Kelli Bruns was appointed Peninsula State Park superintendent in 2011 and my job was brightened. She not only endorsed the lighthouse, but applied for state funding to assist with the final restoration of the lighthouse.
And my staff, with one exception, has been in action for three or four years respectfully. Blessedly, our newest addition fits in like the proverbial hand in glove, and we never missed a beat. All of us like and respect each other, work as a team, and cover each other’s requests for time off to move a daughter to law school housing, spend time with visiting nephews and nieces, care for an ailing father, and make medical appointments.
We have had countless challenges . . .
an unsettled relationship with park administration, countless restoration projects, arguments over artifact ownership, a leaking lantern room, flooded sidewalks, and a crumbling stonewall. To elaborate…my appearance onsite the first year was not necessarily cheered on, as I rocked more than one boat in reorganizing the lighthouse displays, rearranged furniture and artifacts, and relocated furnishings that did fit the time period represented. I sifted through family folklore, retrieving historical fact and dis-carding the fiction.
Reflecting back over the past nearly four years, I rocked more than one boat, but you know what? The boat didn’t sink! And today, the lighthouse stands proud. Five major projects remain: re-roofing the house, securing the anchor, renewing our lease, establishing ownership of the artifacts, and designing a pavers blueprint for the area under the stonewall. And I am confident all of the projects will be completed in the near future. My personal dream is to locate a desk for the keeper. His office is very sparse! Maybe you can help!!
All of this reflection is appropriate as we approach a very significant anniversary…the 50th anniversary of the initial restoration of the lighthouse and opening its door to visitors for the first time on September 1, 1963. I encourage all of you to stop by Eagle Bluff Lighthouse over Labor Day weekend. We have a full schedule of activities. Even Julia Duclon has agreed to visit and hand out her famous cookies to everyone. William might not be available…something about polishing the lens. Oh, well, next visit.

Patti Podgers, Curator/Manager of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

In an effort to determine the desires and needs of our members we ask that you complete and return the following survey even if you are not attending the Picnic. We are trying to determine if there is any interest in receiving electronic notices.
1) Do you have internet access: YES _______ NO _______ (If NO, skip to 8)
2) I have email & would like to get DCHS notices & program info via email:
YES _______ NO _______
3) I would like to get email from other Historical Societies in Door County regarding their programs: YES _______ NO _______
4) My email address is: _______________________________________________
5) Do you have a FACEBOOK page? YES _______ NO _______
If YES, have you “LIKED,” or become a fan of, the Heritage Village at Big Creek, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum or Door County Historical Society Pages? YES _______ NO _______
6) Have you viewed the DCHS, Heritage Village or Eagle Bluff websites? YES _____ NO _____
7) If you currently pay your bills online, would you make payments for dinners and dues online if it became available? YES _______ NO _______
8) Are you a LIFE MEMBER? YES _______ NO _______
If YES, do you want to continue to receive notices of meetings? YES _______ NO _______
Which method do you prefer? MAIL ____________ Email________________
MENU: Chicken from Econo, assorted cold salads, beans, apple and cherry pie squares, coffee and water.
Bring some extra cash to stock up on gifts from the Greene Store – books, candy, games, toys.
Blacksmiths will be on site working and selling their wares.
If you have something you would like made, they would be happy to try to make for you.
No Refunds or Phone Reservations, Please

NAME ________________________________________________________________________________________________
PHONE __________________
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: $15.00 ____________________
HUSBAND/WIFE MEMBERSHIP: $25.00 ____________________
INDIVIDUAL LIFE MEMBERSHIP: $150.00 ____________________

I (we) would like to make an additional donation to the DCHS _________________ TOTAL ENCLOSED: _________________

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