Heritage Village at Big Creek  

Dear Friends and Members, Nov. 2013

The Heritage Village, a collection of 9 buildings carefully selected to represent the early stages of life in Door County, aims to help people of all ages learn about the Door County settlers who were farmers, like many of our ancestors. Here we can share the stories of farmers needing and finding other people in such a typical village. Visitors can see and touch the artifacts, the beautifully carved logs, and become lost in the time period represented.

In the last dozen years, the Door County Historical Society has received over 2000 items from the past, and raised over $400,000 in gifts and grants to gather, create and maintain this near authentic set of buildings. Volunteers help to lead tours of the property, act as interpreters and maintain the buildings. Only with your support can we continue our work, bringing our communities history to life.

Of course, some projects are too much for volunteers. You can help us continue to tell the stories of the past by year-end gifts now. Your gifts, large or small, will be much appreciated. For example, this next year we are looking at:

 Up to $3000 for a new roof on the Vignes School
 $1,980 for painting the exterior of Vignes School
 $1,740 for painting the exterior of Greene Store
 Up to $3000 for annual maintenance/repairs
 $2,000 for insurance
 $500 for scholarships to reach more children in a week-long history day camp
 Up to $500 to develop a new display inside the granary of early farmer’s work
 $200 for sponsoring a Community Band concert to open the summer season
 $400 for a portable PA system

 $300 for a large portable projection screen
 $400 for publicity/advertising for summer programs
 $150 for blacksmith supplies
 $25 per month for utilities
 $30 to furnish food at one of our ice cream socials
 $500 per year for copier supplies/rental
 $100 for a special summer program sponsorship
 $450 for educational program support staff
 Up to $50 to purchase historical toys for resale in Greene General Store
 $55 to purchase an authentic inside door latch with skeleton key for the Schopf House

As you can see, the costs and expenses to keep the Heritage Village running add up quickly and a donation of any size is greatly appreciated.

$___________ to be used where needed most
$___________ for your favorite cause, which is ____________________________________________________
I cannot give money now, but would like to talk to someone about volunteering:
Your Name_____________________________ Phone________________ Email: _______________________________

Please make your check payable to the Door County Historical Society, sending it to P.O. Box 71, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. For more information about a specific item above, or to volunteer, please contact Dan Olson at 920-421-2332.


The Heritage Village at Big Creek Committee – Dan Olson, George Evenson, Bonnie Balch, Jim Maki, Jerry Krause, Nan Krause, Marianne Bennett, Joan Wilkie, Mary Gilbert and Joe Knaapen,

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