July 2012 Newsletter  

JULY 2012
Our Mission: The Door County Historical Society strives to collect, maintain and share the history
and heritage of Door County through preservation, education and programming.
Our Vision: We envision a Door County Historical Society that is committed to keeping history
alive for future generations through collection, preservation and sharing of the heritage of Door County.

MONDAY, JULY 23, 6:30 pm

DINNER: House salad, bread and butter, Chicken Marsala, Rice Pilaf, chef’s choice of veggie and
Key Lime Torte

PROGRAM: Horseshoe Bay Farms: The Land, The Players, their place in History presented by Glenn Timmerman
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Dear Society Members,
We are enduring some record weather. My backyard thermometer recorded 120 degrees – I took a picture – the needle couldn’t go any further, and this in Door County!
Lots of things are going on. While construction has slowed, we are cleaning up the yard for the big celebration of the Moravian’s 150th year. We have two new team members on the Hanson Project – Marianne Bennett is our groundskeeper along with Jim Maki, and Lee Somerville becomes our official gardener, assuring us that the plants in the Hanson garden are historically accurate. We have a new sign at the entrance. There will be a box there if you need information. So come on over, walk around, and you will get the feeling of why Hans built just where he did.
Our Sunday programs are excellent. Check the summer schedule. There are delicious treats available, donated by our great group of volunteers.
Here is something new: Owner Tom Young of the Gibraltar Grill in Fish Creek is sponsoring a charity per month. For every pasta dish sold during the month of October, $2.00 will be donated to the Door County Historical Society. Tom is a good friend of Glenn Timmerman. The Gibraltar Grill provides casual dining (sandwiches and a number of great entrees) in a very comfortable setting. Check it out at www.gibraltargrill.com. We’ll remind you again.
The Village is looking for a few things. Nan and Jerry tell us Vignes School needs: school clock, pupil desks with iron sides, 1900 globe, wooden softball bat and softball. Warren House needs: postcards of 1880-1910, old envelopes, two feather filled pillows (new), metal letter opener, straw or feather ticks (double bed size), wooden clothes hangers, padded photo album. Greene Store needs: wooden barrels and kegs of all sizes, glass marbles, wooden domino box, curling irons, antique playing cards, wooden peg games, tic-tac-toe, rubber fruit jar rings, small wooden box for displaying items, spatulas, pocket watch, metal toys and banks, perfume bottle and stoppers, round garters, stereoscope pictures, square nails, flour shaker, bluing bottle, hat form, large hat pins. The Chapel needs a small baptismal bowl. Contact Nan or Jerry at 746-0628 or gaknak@charter.net.
Stay cool and remember the Lighthouse is free for members and their families. The Village is open every weekend and, if you have a moment, visit the Hanson House site.

George Evenson, President

(If the label on your envelope has been highlighted, your 2012 dues have not been paid.)
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News From The Historical Village

A concert by the Peninsula Symphonic Band, an ice cream social and beautiful day made for a delightful beginning of our 2012 Season at the Village. So far as I can tell, we had the highest number of visitors on June 17th on record with 192 people enjoying the opening day! The next three Sundays had decent attendance and the crowds would have been larger had there not been oppressive hot weather and other conflicting activities throughout the County. There are always events in the County with which we compete for attendees. It’s my hope that as times goes by we can further entice people to visit the Village. Nothing works better than “word of mouth” advertising!” Nevertheless, at this writing, after 4 Sundays, we are exactly equal to 2011 with a total attendance of 338. I hope 2012 will eventually pull ahead of last year, but time will tell. We have some very worthy programs ahead.

The Volunteers at the Village are truly the tireless and dedicated people without whom the Village simply could not operate. Their cooperation and willingness is a matter of great pride! Anyone who reads this note is always welcome to become a volunteer at the Village and they need only to contact me. It’s truly an exciting and learning adventure.

Thanks to you all!
Dan G Olson, Manager
The Historical Village at the Crossroads

Notes from the Curator:

As we conduct tours each day at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, visitors pummel us with an array of questions. While some of them are funny, and some are off the wall, others are thoughtful and send me to the computer as soon as I get home.
So I thought I would share a selection of the queries we receive…
1. One of the confusions our visitors have is related to geography. Inevitably, the water in front of the lighthouse is referred to as “the lake.” The related question is about salt water—is the bay salt water?—and are there currents. (Yes, currents so small that you wouldn’t notice, and we know the bay is fresh water!)
2. Standing at the wall facing the water, each of our docents introduces the story of the lighthouse and its keepers. In my intro I talk about the influx of immigrants to Door County and their route which includes the Erie Canal. Did you know that the Erie Canal is still in use? Boats up to 300 feet long and 40 feet wide can navigate the canal.
3. Then there are the questions that have nothing to do with the lighthouse and we are asked our opinion of any variety of tourist-related questions. The staff is always discreet and our responses are general and never negative. For example, when asked about a particular restaurant, we respond, “we haven’t been there recently and can’t comment.”
4. Given the fact that the second lighthouse keeper, William Duclon, had seven sons, a favorite question is: are there any Duclon family members still living in Door County? The answer is no, unless you count the Duclons buried in Door County. William and Julia, the keeper and his wife, are buried in Blossomburg Cemetery, as are several of their sons and daughters-in-law; Walter Duclon, the youngest son, and his wife are buried in Little Sister Cemetery.
5. The Chambers Island Lighthouse was built the spring of 1868, approximately six months before Eagle Bluff’s lighthouse. The two lighthouses are twins of each other with the exception of the towers. Pointing to Chambers Island, visitors assume the tower they can see belongs to the light tower. It isn’t! It is a Cellcom tower! So much for historic accuracy…
6. When I assumed my position as Eagle Bluff’s curator/manager, I “inherited” the tour manuscript. I initially accepted the text, but also began a thorough search to verify the information I was provided. While many of the facts were correct, there were/are many inconsistencies, one of which is the name given to the instrument used by the keeper to communicate with the ships. Referred to as a “hailer,” I found out this past week that the correct name is “speaking trumpet.” Voila!
7. One of the most off the wall questions we have had is when were the Green Bay Packers organized. As a Bears fan, that was one I definitely had to check out. The answer is 1919, precisely August 11, when Earl “Curly” Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun, former football rivals, founded the third oldest franchised team in the NFL.
So there you go, more than you needed to know…enjoy these lovely hazy, lazy summer days…

Patti Podgers, Curator/Manager,
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum

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