June 2012 Newsletter  

JUNE 2012
Our Mission: The Door County Historical Society strives to collect, maintain and share the history and heritage of Door County through preservation, education and programming.
Our Vision: We envision a Door County Historical Society that is committed to keeping history alive for future generations through collection, preservation and sharing of the heritage of Door County.

MONDAY, JUNE 25, 6:30 pm

DINNER: Chicken, potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberries, cole slaw, dessert

PROGRAM: Frank J. Hess & Sons Cooperage presented by Gary Hess
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Dear Friends,
Summer is here. Our lighthouse had the best day in four years early this week (June 3-9). Our partnership with the DNR personnel is great and producing mutual benefits. The Village is getting all cleaned up and shiny hopefully preparing for a great year. Read Dan Olson’s article in this newsletter. Please stop in at the Village during a weekend for good information and learn history in a setting of the 1920s. Our county has a rich history. Learn and maybe experience what it was like back in the “good old days”.

Work is moving along at the Hanson House. We’ve cleaned up around the barn and trimmed trees. The two logs have been replaced – that work was unexpected but important. Our craftsman, Will Roder, fit the bottom logs in so perfectly old Hanson would have been proud. This was important because it assured the structural integrity of the structure for the next one hundred years.

Our reorganization is moving along. We can perhaps give you an update at our monthly meeting. We are so fortunate to have Glenn Timmerman on board to direct these changes. Very likely you won’t see changes but there will be changes in how we operate internally, so stay tuned.

Have a good summer and remember, we can always use volunteers. Visit the lighthouse. If you are a member you get in free by showing your membership receipt.

George Evenson, President
Door County Historical Society


Ann Sheridan will be having CDs of last month’s presentation on the Peninsula Park Memorial Pole available at the June meeting at The Mill for anyone who would like a copy. Cost is $10.00.

Notes from the curator…
On May 9 the Door County Advocate ran an article entitled Step on for a story, featuring “step-on” guide Linda Stuth. Joined by Karina Oram and Beverly Hudson, to name just two of Door County’s step-on guides, she represents a wonderful, delightful people who thrive on providing a great experience on our peninsula.

Along-side the article about step-on guides, Ramelle Bintz of the Advocate wrote a story about the rise in motor-coach groups to Door County. Interestingly, the Advocate featured the Door County Maritime Museum, quoting its executive director Bob Desh and group tour coordinator Jon Gast. I say “interestingly” because Jon is also on the Advocate staff. But there is a “rest of the story” to the story, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum’s story.

Each visitor who walks through the door of the lighthouse is special. Our docents share their knowledge with visitors who arrive from around the globe. Group tours, however, present a different set of challenges. While individual visitors singly or in small groups arrive by chance or desire, the larger tour groups are on a schedule. Arriving in groups as large as 50, our staff must complete the tour within a specified time frame.

Considering physical limitations and special needs, our docents are patient and understanding of a visitor who cannot climb our stairs, is fearful of heights, or is generally just plain tired. (Group tours can be exhausting!) Of course, we do occasionally have a visitor who has seen one too many lighthouses–can’t imagine that–and is literally done.

But I have to report, our group tours are generally excellent, interested, and thrilled with their visit. To date, more than 80 group tours are including Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in their Door County itinerary. As of June 4th, the Door County Trolley will bring groups to Eagle Bluff each morning as part of a special lighthouse tour. And we are certain to add more groups to our schedule.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum may be the little lighthouse on the bluff, but like the engine featured in the children’s book “The Little Engine that Could,” our staff thinks BIG and proud of the tours they present…whether one visitor or a bus load!! We may not warrant the attention garnered by some of the county’s destination sites, but we quietly go about our days performing at the best of our abilities.

Patti Podgers, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Curator/Manager

News from the Historical Village At The Crossroads
The Summer Programming is set to go; The Village is being “spiffed up.” Volunteers are in training! Our first Sunday is June 17th and we look forward to a delightful, better-than-ever season! The Village is open every day of the week from 1:30-3:30 pm with all summer programs beginning at 2 pm. It is truly an exciting time. Bring your family, friends, neighbors, tourists for a wonderful walk through the 1880’s to 1910!

Historical Village 2012 Programming

June 17: Peninsula Symphonic Band — Free Ice-Cream Social

June 24: “The History of Agriculture in Door County” George Evenson – Blacksmiths

July 1: “New Day Singers” & “The Civil War” — Joe Knaapen

July 8: “The Vikings and Their Westward Wanderings” — Paul Burton

July 15: “Herbs in Wisconsin” Jane Cole

July 22: “A Gardener’s Walk Through the Village” with Lee Sommerville; Blacksmiths

July 29: “Belgian Architecture in Door County” Bill Laatsch

August 5: “The History of Railroads in Door County” Paul Spanbauer

August 12: “Meet the Warrens” — Gerald and Nan Krause – “The Bones Boys”

August 19: “The History of the Washington Island Ferry” – Dick Purinton

August 26: “Historic Women’s Fashions” Presented by Ruth Scholz; Blacksmiths

Sept. 2: “Cherryland A’s Model A Club”

Sept. 9: “Parks & Phillips” Old Time Gospel Hymns

Sept. 16: “Craft and Produce Day”; Musical Group “Global Achord”

Sept. 23: “Scrapbooking”; “Thrivent” Picnic with music and Ice Cream Social; Blacksmiths

Sept. 30: “Norwegian Heritage Day”

Oct. 7: “Family History Day”

Oct. 14: “As Time Flies By” George Draeb
Centennial of Draeb Jewelers

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