May 2012 Newsletter  

Meeting Notice and Newsletter for MAY 2012

MONDAY, May 21ST @ 6:30 p.m. @ THE DRAFT HAUS

Family Style Dinner of Glazed Ham, warm German potato salad, glazed baby carrots, 3-bean salad, Coffee & Milk. $16.75
PROGRAM: Memorial Pole in Peninsula State Park
by Lloyd Michalsen

This past winter and into spring a committee of your Board members has been pondering the future of our Society. We are becoming a diverse organization. History is always our main focus, but as we look into the future we felt we cannot serve our membership and our community without exploring new challenges. Today, with our Historical Village at Crossroads, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum, Archives and Hanson House, we have a duty to care for and maintain these treasures. In order to do so we must generate income.
In addition, with all the new forms of communication, we need to keep abreast of new and better ways to communicate with the public and our membership. How can we better communicate with our fellow historical groups? Can we work together to better preserve the wonderful histories of Door County? The answer is yes. But we need to change our management methods. Your Board has accepted the challenge. Beginning in May we are going to engage a Director of Operations. Glenn Timmerman has graciously volunteered to serve this year in that capacity. It will be a bit of a change, relieving our volunteers of some of their duties, focusing the Board’s attention on developing business policies while the Director focuses on day to day operations.
As time goes by, we will need to change some of our by-laws and will be working on this over the next months. We will keep you updated thru our newsletters as to when any formal voting will be asked for.

George Evenson, President DCHS
We must receive your reservation by May 14
NAME __________________________________ SPOUSE/GUEST(s)________________________
PHONE __________________ ______________________________________________
NUMBER ATTENDING _______ X $16.75 DINNER AMOUNT _________________

I (we) would like to make an additional donation to the DCHS _________________

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: $15.00 _________________
HUSBAND/WIFE MEMBERSHIP: $25.00 _________________
INDIVIDUAL LIFE MEMBERSHIP: $150.00 _________________
TOTAL ENCLOSED: __________________

The Historical Village at Crossroads
June 17th, our opening day, will be here before we know it. The task I have undertaken as Director of the Village seems to be daunting , particularly since I have Jerry Krause as an extraordinary predecessor along with his wife Nan. Through there patient guidance, and with the exemplary help from Coggin, George and others, I find that my position is made less threatening and a joy.
We are well underway to begin the 2012 season with the program now firmly in place. A card is enclosed with this newsletter listing the current programs. Check the website for more programs throughout the summer :
The next daunting task is to staff the Village with eager and willing volunteers. Volunteers can do as much or as little as they choose. Some love to be guides and interpreters. Others prefer to work behind the scenes, cleaning, baking, helping serve food, etc. If you have not as yet “gotten on board” as a volunteer, please call me: Dan Olson, 559-2050; or email: All of you will be hearing from me directly soon and you can look forward to some training days sometime in May.
Look forward the best season yet at the Village. We need all of you to help and support!
Dan G Olson, Manager
The Historical Village at the Crossroads

Notes from the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum Curator…
Each fall, as I snap the padlock on the lighthouse door, spring breezes seem so far away; winter’s gloom looms big and bold. And yet, before I know it, the buds appear on the trees, tulips pop through the still cold ground, and Jack Frost runs from the peninsula, melting as he flees…
Yet as much as I dread winter, its dark solitude is when I do some of my best work, recharge, and plan for the next season. This past winter was no less productive. And with last September’s appointment of Kelli Bruns as Peninsula State Park Superintendent, it was time to work through the lighthouse’s “to do” work list.
First on that list is repair of the stone wall fronting Green Bay. Crumbling and more than a little fragile, the project had been shelved through the tenure of two “acting” park superintendents. But Kelli immediately recognized the necessity of repairing the old wall, actually more than 100 years old. If the weather holds, the masonry work should be completed by opening day.
A second nagging problem is the large pool of water that collects where the lighthouse sidewalk meets the parking lot’s blacktop. On rainy days, we watch parents carrying not only their children through the water, but their shoes, as well! The water has often been as high as our ankles. However, Kelli is hoping the problem will be solved early this spring…fingers crossed…
The former projects are covered by State of Wisconsin tax dollars, as the lighthouse is owned by we the people. But the balance of the projects, which include exterior and interior repairs to the physical building, are on hold as the 2012 DCHS budget does not include dollars for repairs and improvements. And although I will be seeking grants to assist in the necessary projects, it is too late for this season…unless we receive designated donations.
The list of immediate repairs includes: replacement of an interior iron railing, interior plastering and painting, wallpaper removal, and exterior removal of whitewash covering the entry wall. If you can help with a donation of dollars or your time and talents devoted to completing any of these projects, please let me know. Most recently, DCHS board member Gene Remy stepped forward to purchase a plaque designating the lighthouse’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places. (Gene, you are my hero!) But the plaque cannot be mounted on the lighthouse until the paint is removed from the Milwaukee Cream City brick and the holes from countless screws and nails are repaired.
But the news is not all negative. We might be in a holding pattern this year, but Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum will be alive with the echoes of past keepers, as our docents share stories of the ordinary people who lived within its walls, people who were anything but ordinary. The door will soon be open…come visit us at the lighthouse in the park!

Patti Podgers, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum Curator/Manager
920.839.1302 or 920.495.7330

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