President’s Message
By: Jay Zahn
We started our monthly evening programs off with a nice crowd in April as we met at St. John Bosco School for a program on Wisconsin Railroads. We thank the 7th graders and their parents for preparing a delicious meal as they fundraise for their 8th grade trip next year.

It was my pleasure to meet recently with the Heritage Alliance of Door County. This group is made up of historical groups from around the county. Discussion was held on something many of you will remember…the Door County Bookmobile. The Egg Harbor Historical Society is in the process of restoring it to become a travelling history display for events around the peninsula. I’m sure you will be hearing more about this in the future.

I also met with the staff of the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. They held a training session and they are getting ready for another busy season beginning on May 20th. I hope you will plan to visit the site this summer at Peninsula State Park. Your membership gives you free admission but a park sticker to enter the park is required. We have over 65 tours of the facility scheduled for this season!

The Heritage Village is also getting ready for the summer season. More volunteers are always needed and contributions this month for the annual rummage sale at the Vignes School would also be appreciated. The sale will be held in early June.

Our next monthly meeting and program will be at Mr. G’s. Kathleen Harris will present Camp Meenahga at Peninsula State Park from 1916 to 1948. If you are not already a member, please consider joining us. We look forward to seeing you at our next event and the many events we have planned for this season!
Membership, Donation, & Volunteer Form
I am committed to keep history alive for
future generations through the collection,
preservation & sharing Door County
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Membership Levels (Circle One)
Individual $25
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& children ages 17 & under) $40
Business or Organization $75
Nonprofit Organization $25
Individual Life Membership ($200 is
placed in the Endowment Fund) $250
Donation—Annual Fund $_________
___ Volunteer: Please contact me about
volunteer opportunities!
The Door County Historical Society is a 501(c)(3)
charitable organization; your gifts are tax deductible!
P. O. Box 71, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

Meet Our New Lighthouse Keeper, Site Manager Linda Faust
Linda Faust and her husband Mark moved to Door County in 2013 after she retired from forty years of teaching. Her family always considered Door County their second home and vacationed here for years. In fact, her son claims that they never took him anywhere except Door County for vacations. Their daughter moved to Door County in 2012, so when she retired it seem natural to move here, too…enjoying everything that Door County has to offer!
Linda worked as a special education teacher and a regular elementary teacher, most years teaching third and fourth grade. Since Wisconsin’s fourth grade curriculum includes Wisconsin history, it became her favorite subject to teach. She spent years visiting the many historic sites in southeastern Wisconsin with her students.
Not only does she love teaching, but she also loves learning evidence by her master’s degree and ninety graduate credits beyond that. When first retired as an educator, she experienced a grieving process, giving up a career that brought so much joy. Spending the majority of years in the same school, she taught the children of former students. Students, their parents, and their grandparents seemed like extended family.
After settled in to her Door County home, she pondered what to do for the next chapter in her life. A friend recommended the advertised job for tour guides at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. Linda quickly became part of the lighthouse family and represents the spirit of all lighthouse staff—she enjoys working at the lighthouse and sharing the stories of the Duclon family.
If you haven’t been out to the lighthouse lately, please stop by. Linda would love to take you on a tour!

Thoughts from the Director…We can’t do anything without you!
By: Trudy Herbst

Last month the Society participated in the Golden Heart Volunteer Celebration, where we honored George Evenson for a Lifetime of Service and Mary Gilbert as Arts & Culture Volunteer of the Year. Here are snippets from their nominations.
A walking encyclopedia of history, George Evenson continues to care for the Society even after retiring as Society President for 13 years. George was an integral part of the: County Board, The Clearing, Wisconsin Cherry Growers, Wisconsin Coastal Management, and Nature Conservancy, to name a few. George was actively involved in the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Committee, founding of the Heritage Village at Big Creek and the Hanson Norwegian Homestead. George is equally comfortable handing you a pen to sign a check, wielding a gavel, talking about history on the radio, or taking a dead mouse out of a trap! When asked to help, his typical answer is “Sure, I can do that.”

Some of the many hats Mary Gilbert wore: board member, treasurer, grant writer, store manager, artifact hunter (crawling around old barns), event organizer, photographer (that is why she is not in many pictures), Heritage Village Committee Chairperson, baker (could be a pastry chef), window washer, finding the source of unpleasant smells, Mrs. Greene, organizes exhibits, and floor scrubber. She carries out every initiative to the highest degree of efficiency, attention to detail, and caring…Did I forget to mention that Mary can leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Mary and George exemplify “love of our mission” and hard-working characteristics found in all our volunteers. We have many opportunities to help from baking to sewing, carpentry, grass cutting, tour guides, Greene Storekeeper, and many more…some are sit down jobs, while others require mobility. Volunteer training will be Saturday, May 21 at 10:00. As we prepare for the final days before opening the Heritage Village, please respond favorable when called. We can’t do anything without you.

Moment in History…The Importance of Giving Children Crisco Foods
“A good digestion will mean much to the youngster’s health and character…Equip your children with good stomachs by giving them wholesome Crisco foods—foods which digest with ease. They may eat the rich things they enjoy and find them just as digestible as many apparently simple foods, if Crisco be used properly. They may eat Crisco doughnuts or pie without being chased by nightmares. Sweet dreams follow the Crisco supper.” —excerpt from A Calendar of Dinners with 615 Recipes by Marion Harris Neil 1921 The book bears the signature of Harry E. Dankoler, dated Dec. 15 1921.

NAME (S) _____________________________________
GUEST(S) ___________________________________________________
PHONE ____________________________ Email: __________________________
Circle Dinner Choice: Buffet or Vegetarian Pasta Alfredo Members Attending ________ X $21.00 = $ ___________
Plated Chef’s Salad Members Attending ________ X $18.00 = $ ___________ Circle Dinner Choice: Buffet or Vegetarian Pasta Alfredo Guests Attending _______ X $25.00 = $_____________
Plated Chef’s Salad Guests Attending _______ X $22.00 = $_____________
If your name is highlighted in yellow on the mailing label, please pay your membership dues.
(See form on page 1.) Membership Dues = $_____________
I (we) would like to sponsor programs of the Door County Historical Society; all program sponsors
will be in the newsletter and sponsors of $100 or more will be listed in the program brochure.
Name(s) _________________________________________________ Program Sponsorship $ _______
TOTAL : $____ _______
Credit Card Number Exp. Date CVC Code Mailing Address Zip Code
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Print Name on Credit Card Signature
PROGRAM: Camp Meenahga 1916-1948—One hundred years ago, at the invitation of the State of Wisconsin, two spirited women from St. Louis (Mrs. Alice Orr Clark and Mrs. Fannie Woodward Mabley) established a camp for girls in Peninsula’s great outdoors. Peninsula Park staff member Kathleen Harris will re-enact Mrs. Clark and share the Meenahga legacy. Learn how a $300 fee (circa 1920) offered, in the words of the camp directors, “a [nine week] vacation from fashions and abnormal excitement.” Using historic photos, many never seen from the Peninsula Park’s archives, Harris will reveal where to see remnants of Camp Meenahga in the Park and she’ll explain the Park’s Like to Hike program. Kathleen Harris is the Peninsula State Park Naturalist since 1998. She has spearheaded efforts related to Camp Meenahga archives, and routinely talks about camp history on nature hikes.
BUFFET DINNER: Broasted Chicken, Swedish Meatballs, Vegetable, Mashed Potato, Coleslaw, Dessert and Coffee OR PLATED DINNERS: Chef’s Salad or Vegetarian Pasta Alfredo
LOCATION: Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille is located at 5890 Wisconsin State Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay (just south of Jacksonport and north of Sturgeon Bay)

Welcome, New Members! Thank you!
Sherron Duclon Pearson—Arizona
Ed & Fran Eickenberg—Sturgeon Bay
David & Judy Ward—Sturgeon Bay

Julie Pinney—Sturgeon Bay
Helen Reed—Sturgeon Bay
Charlotte Schinktgen—Sturgeon Bay

2016 Program Sponsors
Eddy & Mary Lou Allen
Linda Berns
Trudy & Jay Herbst
Save your Econo Food receipts; mail with monthly reservations or drop them in the Village donation box!

Permit #55Program Activities & Monthly Programs
Heritage Village at Big Creek, 2041 Michigan, Sturgeon Bay & Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek
5/12 Thurs. 1-3:30 Rummage Sale Items Drop Off Date & Heritage Village Cleaning
5/13 Fri. 9-noon Rummage Sale Items Drop Off Date & Heritage Village Cleaning
5/14 Sat. 9-noon Rummage Sale Items Drop Off Date & Heritage Village Cleaning
5/20 Fri. 10-4:00 Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Opens for Weekend; Daily Beginning 5/27
5/21 Sat. 10-noon All Volunteer Training—Heritage Village
5/23 Mon. 6:00 pm “Camp Meenahga 1916-1948” by Kathleen Harris, Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille, reserve by 5/16
5/31 Mon. Heritage Village Opens
6/1 Wed. 9-noon Rummage Sale Pricing and Setup; Drop off Items
6/2 Thurs. 9-noon Rummage Sale Pricing and Setup; Drop off Items
6/3 Fri. 9-4:00 Grandma’s Attic Rummage Sale—Vignes School at Heritage Village at Big Creek
6/4 Sat. 9-2:00 Grandma’s Attic Rummage Sale—Vignes School at Heritage Village at Big Creek
6/18 Sat.11-2:00 German Fest
6/27 Mon. 6:00 “Home at Eagle Bluff” Visit with Capt. & Mrs. Duclon at Log Den Restaurant, reserve by 6/20

Need a Ride or Give a Ride! Are you no longer able to drive? Please call George Evenson (920) 495-0639 or Trudy at (920) 421-2332 if you need a ride or are willing to provide a ride to our members for any of our programs!
Contact Information:
President: Jay Zahn (920) 743-4327
Executive Director: Trudy Herbst (920) 421-2332
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Site Manager: Linda Faust (920) 421-3636

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