November 2010 Newsletter  

Dear Friends,

We are nearing the end of our year. It’s hard to believe – time flies when you are having fun. But here we are at our last meeting of the year. Looking back, it’s been a good year though we were a little concerned this spring with the economy down and some organizational issues. It was a good 2010. Of course, we are blessed with a loyal membership, a resourceful Board and a volunteer staff so we can weather any storm.

Each year our program committee selects and puts together the monthly program. Maggie Weir and Ann Jinkins worked the past two years and did a grand job. While we will again have a committee, we thought for next year we would like some input from you, our audience.

There will be a space on your reservation form this month for you to tell us what you would like for a program – a subject that would really interest you. Just jot down some story you would like to hear about a person, place, building or event.

We will have an annual report coming out in January. We’ll give more details and talk about the next year.

Thank you for your support in 2010. We’re looking forward to April 2011. Stay healthy and enjoy the winter.

George Evenson, President

From the Historical Village at The Crossroads

An Invitation!

DEC 6, 1:00 PM – Come to “Deck the Village” for Christmas. Experience the simple Christmas of our ancestors as they trimmed their homes with natural and homemade beauty for Christmas. Bring cookies to share.

DEC 27 and 28, l:00 PM – An intergenerational experience of a Pioneer Christmas celebration. Come either day to give your kids or grandkids a taste of the past.

New Special Interests!

1. Do you remember a childhood visit to a feed store to grind grain or to buy or sell the surplus field crop? The Peterson Feed and Seed Store will be developed in the old granary to show off another economic effort in early Door County. Would you be on a team to help create this display? Phone 746-0628.

2. We are stumped and need your advice. We have a donation of lightening rods to put on the School to make it more authentic. I want your suggestion of someone I can phone to invite to climb on the roof. A nephew or neighbor? A grandson or a professional? Phone 746-0628.

3. Like to read? Want to read and talk about the stories of Door County’s past? Phone Dan Olson at 559-9971 or Jerry Krause at 746-0628 for details.

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