November 2013 Newsletter  

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2013 – 6:30 PM
1756 Michigan St

DINNER: Catered by Scaturo’s – Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Salad, Bread, Stuffed Shells, Cookies and Brownies, Coffee, Iced Tea

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Members of the DCHS,
Seems we just opened our 2013 season. Now the season is over. It has been a good year for our Society. Eagle Bluff has had its best year with attendance the best in four years. The Heritage Village attendance improved, and program attendance has improved. Our Hanson House is off and running with the contractors on board, and we have nearly reached our goal of $80,000. The date for completion is June 15th, 2014.
As your president, it has been my pleasure to witness our growth over the past years. I want to be certain that our members are given credit for their support and encouragement. Remember that you are the Historical Society. Volunteers are the working hands of our Society. Without their hard work and commitment, nothing would get done. From cleaning and being there to arrange and manage the programs, without volunteers, things just would not happen. I would also thank our Board members. They are indispensable, sending newsletters, membership rolls, managing the budgets, keeping records and minutes -they are truly our leaders. We meet almost monthly, wind or snow or ten below. We have 100% attendance, which is what we call dedication.
This meeting is our Annual Meeting and election of directors. I wish to give special tribute to two directors that will be retiring. Alice Sautebin. Alice and her husband Warren have given years of dedicated service to the organization. Her presence at our meetings has been an inspiration for everyone – always willing and very able. The most challenging aspect of the job was correcting George’s spelling and the sentence structure of these messages! Alice and Margaret Gilbert has been with us also for many years. A very capable artist and always there when a helping hand was needed. In looking for the right words, I checked my computer for a better word to express gratitude. The simple thank you has been translated into 460 languages, and has been around since about 1400. So we can use thank you knowing it conveys a universal, strong, meaning of sincere gratitude. THANK YOU.
George Evenson, President
Door County Historical Society
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NON-MEMBERS _____X $20.00 __________________
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: $15.00 ____________________
HUSBAND/WIFE MEMBERSHIP: $25.00 ____________________
INDIVIDUAL LIFE MEMBERSHIP: $150.00 ____________________
I (we) would like to make an additional donation to the DCHS __________________ TOTAL ENCLOSED: _________________


President: George Evenson Todd Huehns
Vice President: Gene Remy Kristen Peil
Secretary: Lori Holtz Linda Sealey
Treasurer: Mary Gilbert Jeff Weir
Directors: Maggie Weir
Bill Chaudoir
Lyman Elliott
Patricia Elliott

Biographies of Door County Historical Society Candidates for Office

George Evenson, President
Life-time Door County resident; married 65 years to Margaret; 4 children; 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren; Baylake Bank director, 22 years; County Board, 10 years; Wisconsin Coastal Management, 20 years; Clearing Board, 10 years; Crossroads Board, 9 years; farmer, 68 years; Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission, 15 years; Trustee, Nature Conservancy, 6 years; Co-founder of The Farm.

Gene Remy, Vice President
Eugene is a retired Door County businessman who for 50 years was involved with all phases of manufactured homes and modular housing. With an eye for aesthetically planned land development, he designed and built Thunderhill Estates in the City of Sturgeon Bay. As the owner of Remy’s Homes, Inc., he also sold and serviced many modular homes in the State of Wisconsin. He served on the board of Wisconsin Housing Alliance for 43 years.

Lori Larsen Holtz, Secretary
Life-long resident of Door County; married 24 years to Brian Holtz; member of Historical Society for 19 years; works at the Government Center as Administrative Assistant to County Administrator; member of Door County Master Gardeners and Hospital Auxiliary; interested in local history, gardening, birds, nature, reading and our two 4-legged ‘boys’.

Mary Gilbert, Treasurer
Married to Ronn Gilbert with one married daughter and one son. Employed by Pinkert Law Firm LLP as a legal secretary and Gilbert Farms Ltd as treasurer. Member and secretary of the Sevastopol FFA Alumni. Currently serving as Treasurer for the Door County Historical Society; on numerous committees and as a volunteer at the Historical Village.

Bill Chaudoir
Bill is the Executive Director of the Door County Economic Development Corporation in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and has held this position for the 22-year history of the organization. During his tenure, Bill has helped develop innovative programs in business incubation, entrepreneurial training, international business and workforce development. Previous work experience was in municipal, county, and regional planning.
Bill and his wife, Cheryl, live in Sturgeon Bay and have three married daughters living in Madison, Appleton and Chicago. They have five beautiful grandkids plus one more on the way. Bill and Cheryl are involved in many organizations and are currently involved in the Namur Belgian Heritage Foundation with Bill serving as Chairman.

Lyman Elliott
Born in Elkhorn, WI and schooled at Root River School in Franklin, WI – one of the last “one- room” school houses in Franklin. Graduated from Franklin High School – the first graduating class from the new school. Have studied various courses at Milwaukee Technical College, worked at Allis Chalmers Tractor Shop, West Allis, WI, the ”original” Schlitz Container Plant in Oak Creek, WI, and American Hardware and Millwork as a delivery truck driver. Am presently the proprietor of “Elliott’s Mercantile” on Jefferson Street, Sturgeon Bay, WI.
I have been doing Civil War re-enacting since 1982. Primarily, I have tried to re-create the life-style of a regular army artilleryman with the 4th US Army, Company A, Cushing’s Battery. I have also done impressions of First US Berdan Sharpshooter and have been Confederate Cavalry for 3 years with 4th Kentucky. I have been able to visit and operate on many historical sites and battle fields. Civil War history and lifestyle is my passion.

Patricia Elliott
Born and raised in West Allis, WI my love for Door County started when my husband brought me here 20 years ago. However my love for historic places stems from my childhood. My mother’s family lived in the country on a historic farmstead and we would also visit places like Old World Wisconsin several times a year. Although I know that life 100 years ago was harder, I still feel that it was a simpler life that had many family benefits.

Living now in Door County, I work full time for N.E.W. Industries and my husband and I run a small shop on Jefferson St. in Sturgeon Bay. My mother and grandmother were very much involved in handiwork which I enjoy myself to this day. I learned to spin wool and make felted hats and mittens which I sell in the shop. I am associated with the Door County Arachne Spinners and local knitting groups which I feel keeps me grounded and in touch with the community, much like how social events were back in the 1800’s.

Todd Huehns
Owner/and fourth generation Funeral Director at Huehns Funeral Home in Sturgeon Bay. Practicing funeral director in Sturgeon Bay for 21 years. Have been married 27 years to Renee. We have three adult children. Graduated from Sheboygan Falls High school and am a graduate of the Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago. Past president of Sturgeon Bay Rotary Club and Optimist Club and a member of the Sons of Norway.
My wife Renee’s deep family history in Door and Kewaunee Counties sparked my interest in local history when moving to Sturgeon Bay. She is a Robillard whose father’s family was from Kewaunee via Brussels. There is talk of family ties back to Door County’s first white resident, Increase Claflin.

Kristen Peil
I have been an active member of my community for many years. Being born and raised in Northern Door has cultivated a love for local history. Some of the Boards I have served on are:
Baileys Harbor Planning Commission
Door County Board of Adjustment
Door County Library/Baileys Harbor McArdle Library Board
Vice President and Founding Member Baileys Harbor Historical Society
Door County Historical Resource Association/Heritage Alliance Door County
5th generation Northern Door Native (Peil family of Baileys Harbor and Ripp Family of Institute

Linda Sealey
I was born and raised in Sturgeon Bay and graduated from Sturgeon Bay High School. I have lived here almost my entire life, having resided in 5 states during my late husband’s military career. I work at Pinkert Law Firm LLP as a legal assistant where I have been employed for the past 14 years. I have served on the board for Women’s Connection (f/k/a Christian Women’s Club), served for many years as secretary/treasurer of several bowling leagues, teach knitting at a local yarn shop and am Nana to 8 terrific grandkids.

Jeff Weir
An attorney, retired from the Pinkert Law Firm in Sturgeon Bay, now engaged in acquiring and managing commercial real estate. He is an Army Veteran, former FBI Agent and has served on bank, corporate and nonprofit boards. Jeff is a member of the Lighthouse Committee and chaired committees on Strategic Planning for the DCHS & on Village Planning.

Maggie Weir
Head curator of the Door County Historical Museum for 12 years and has also been a volunteer there since 1984. She is an artist, former teacher and has served in numerous volunteer capacities and organizations. She is a project coordinator for Leader Dogs for the Blind and along with her husband, Jeff, is now raising their 23rd puppy for the Leader Dog. Maggie is the DC Historical Museum representative on the Board.


The Heritage Village has been closed for a month now. Though there is activity behind the scenes, it seems odd not to be guiding people through the significant legacy of our past. It was a good year with 2000+ in attendance, good programming, and the prize for the visitor coming the greatest distance goes to a guest from Kazakhstan. See, the road sign does work!
Now what? Over the winter, the Board of Directors and several Village Committee members will do strategic planning to evaluate what we’ve done and hope to do in order to enhance our programming and encourage people to visit. The ideas and dreams are so plentiful that I dare not mention them here, but we will be the better for it. I would ask one thing, however. if you have program ideas, or have a skill or talent that you’d like to exhibit that would edify our 1880-1910 timeframe, please let me know.
Thanks are always due to the steadfast support of the whole Society, the Board, and to all of the Village volunteers.
Thank you all!
Dan G Olson
Heritage Village at Big Creek

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse…
Last June, our daily tours were very busy as the annual Lighthouse Festival welcomed visitors. Lighthouse lovers of all ages participated in our tours. But one of my visitors was of particular interest, a gentleman dressed in the uniform of a lighthouse inspector. He introduced himself as Carl Jahn and went on to explain that together with his wife Marcia and several friends, they were in Door County—for the first time—to visit the lighthouses. Much to the delight of the other visitors, within minutes Carl and I had developed a delightful banter, playing off each other with our wealth of lighthouse information.
At the conclusion of our tour, “the inspector” explained that he and Marsha were involved in the history and preservation of the Great Lakes’ lighthouses. Intrigued, I asked them for details of their efforts in promoting the history of lighthouses as well as their efforts to save them. The Jahns were only too happy to share.
Deeply involved in the Great Lakes lighthouses, Carl and Marcia spend as much time as possible educating and informing about the poor condition of many lighthouses and emphasizing getting involved. As we chatted he told me about the annual Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival and encouraged me to attend. Based on our success restoring Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, he felt I could really provide valuable insights into the restoration process. I gratefully accepted the brochure publicizing the event and promised to be in touch.
At the next DCHS board meeting, I asked for and was granted, permission to attend. So three weeks ago I made the eight-hour trip to Alpena, Michigan to attend the festival. And what fun it was! I chatted with lighthouse fans from all over the Midwest, and visited three lighthouses, one of which was on an island. After a very intense three days, I packed up the car and began my return trip home. Exhausted, but exhilarated, I felt the experience was well-worth the investment of time and money. And what did I learn?
First of all, our lighthouse shone bright compared to the lighthouses I visited, not to mention the many such sites deteriorating or under arduous restoration. The insight and vision of DCHS in saving Eagle Bluff so many years ago is amazing. Secondly, our museum shop features first-quality merchandise; absent are the trinkets that I found throughout the festival. Thirdly, the festival provided valuable networking opportunities.
Arriving home, I sent Melanie Kirn, the festival organizer, a detailed critique of the event. She responded with a warm email and a huge surprise: Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was named the 2014 Featured Lighthouse of the Great Lakes Festival. Our little yellow lighthouse will grace the cover of 5,000 programs and 20,000+ trifolds that will be distributed to welcome centers and Great Lakes Lighthouse destinations. Additionally, we will be featured on the official Great Lakes Lighthouse website now and for years to come. I’ve been grinning ever since I received the news!
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse has closed its doors on the 2013 season and our staff is taking a much needed rest. Although we have one final group tour to complete, to date we have welcomed 16,318 in the past five months. That tops the last four years!!
Enjoy the winter…see you in the spring.

Patti Podgers, Curator/Manager

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