November 2014 Newsletter  

Words From the President
By: George Evenson
The season of 2014 is over for the most part. Now our Board and Staff can evaluate the year and prepare for the next year. Again I want to thank the many volunteers and staff that make being a part of the Society so rewarding.
We are always looking for help and if you are interested call me or another Board member and we will find something you would enjoy doing. We also need several Board Member candidates for the next year.

News from Heritage Village at Big Creek
By: Dan Olson, Curator/Manager
It seems odd when our season ends to go the Village and find it void of people and all the activity we enjoy when we are up and running. This does not mean that nothing is happening. The Blacksmiths still work on Thursday afternoons, and the Madden brothers plus a few others continue work on the new Hand Tool Museum.
The most demanding work begins now to prepare for our next season. This summer we made strides to study and implement new ways to function. The process of reviewing how we operate demands that we “think outside the box” and step outside our comfort zone. Change is never easy. But to succeed we must step to the plate. There is more to come. The Board of Directors along with the Village Committee will be pondering other ways of being more efficient and progressive. The outcome will be beneficial to all.
The process of preparing for next year includes develop a schedule of programs. This is where you can be of help. If you have ideas about what you believe would make for a good program, by all means let us know!
It can never be stressed enough about need for support. There are always maintenance issues to tackle, and we need funds for operating the Village. Giving includes more than money. It also consists of “hands-on” work. Read each of our newsletters to see what projects you might enjoy doing.
We are grateful to all the members of the Historical Society and its Board of Directors, as well as our dedicated volunteers and our visitors for all the gifts and support we receive.

What’s New at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse…
By: Patti Podgers, Curator/Manager
As I tap out the 2014 report, the windows of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse are being shuttered for the winter. And as always, it is with a bit of sadness that I hung the “closed” sign and lock the doors. However, we all need a rest and so does our lighthouse. After all, we were all very busy this past season and many feet—big and little—tread the lighthouse’s floors.
This was a special year, but they all are…so I will highlight some of our more memorable moments. To kick off our season, Chris Weidenbacher, (our site manager), and I greeted a Learning in Retirement group. Twenty-four enthusiastic visitors toured the grounds and house, and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
Later in the summer Steve Reed found time in his busy schedule to re-roof the lighthouse. Structurally, a roof is very important to the preservation of any building; historical buildings are especially at risk from significant deterioration if the roof is in poor condition. But thanks to Steve, we now are in good shape and will hopefully be standing tall for many years to come.
On September 28 we raised the flag…a replica of the official Lighthouse Service flag: a pennant shaped flag the white background is outlined in blue or red. The central symbol is a lighthouse. The blue outline indicated the eminent arrival of the lighthouse inspector; a red outlined flag is for everyday use.
As we have for the past four seasons, we once again hosted evening tours on two weekends. Lit by battery-operated lanterns, the lighthouse literally glowed with the spirits of the three keepers who lived and worked at Eagle Bluff.
In October, I attended the annual Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival. Sadly, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse had to relinquish the title “featured lighthouse of the Great Lakes 2014.” However, the naming of Waugoshance as the 2015 featured lighthouse eased the pain. Located in the Straits of Mackinac, the island’s lighthouse was one of our second keeper’s William Duclon’s early postings. Interestingly, William’s brother-in-law James Davenport also served at Waugoshance But then his wife Julia’s family was noted for its heritage of keeping the light: her father, three brothers, and a nephew all served.
My most important “job well done” goes to two groups of special people. First of all, our staff is amazing–there is no other word to describe the men and women who provide tours every day…rain or shine, heat and cold. And all of them are returning next year!! A second big salute is due our volunteers. A local Boy Scout Troop assisted with our flag raising ceremony, Ed Miller is our new “Capt.” Duclon interpreter, Jim Johnson and Pete Schuster volunteered for night tours, and the Northern Door Storytellers shared their talents at song, poetry, and, of course storytelling!
As the saying goes…it takes a village. Have a restful winter and hope to see you all in the spring. We are planning for another successful year at Eagle Bluff.

Each and every Board member for all the time and work and efforts they give to this Society. Thanks everyone for another great year!

SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR THE NOVEMBER DINNER MEETING by Mary Gilbert. . . For those of you who haven’t been to the Greene Store in a while, we decided to try to bring the Greene Store to you! We’ll have numerous items for sale at the November dinner meeting so come early; bring some extra cash or your checkbook to do some Christmas shopping. We’ve got 2015 calendars, notecards, books, historical toys, and much more. We’ll offer 10% off any items you purchase at that time. I’ll have photos of items made by our blacksmiths in case you want to order something.
VERY IMPORTANT – Please get your reservations in by the due date. It is ESSENTIAL to let the restaurant know for ordering the food. All the late reservations cause problems with planning and food preparation. ALSO, please contact Linda at 920-495-0690 ONLY (leave a message) with reservation information; please do not contact other Board members.

MONDAY, November 24, 2014 – 6:30 PM
Prince of Peace Church – 18th & Michigan Street
PROGRAM: Thordarson and Rock Island Presented by Richard Purinton

DINNER: Catered by Scaturo’s – Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Salad, Bread, Stuffed Shells, Cookies, Brownies, Coffee, Iced Tea.

No Refunds Or Phone Reservations, Please

PHONE __________________ Email:
MEMBERS & THEIR GUESTS – _____ X $16.00 =
NON-MEMBERS ______ X $19.00 = ___________
I (we) would like to make an additional donation to the DCHS: TOTAL ENCLOSED:

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