October 2013 Newsletter  

Our Mission: The Door County Historical Society strives to collect, maintain and share the history and heritage of Door County through preservation, education and programming.
Our Vision: We envision a Door County Historical Society that is committed to keeping history alive for future generations through collection, preservation and sharing of the heritage of Door Co.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2013 – 6:30 PM

DINNER: Swiss steak, potatoes and gravy, salad, red cabbage, rolls, pickles and bread pudding with orange

PROGRAM: “BAILEYS HARBOR MURALS’’ presented by Nancy Rafal
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Dear Members of the Door County Historical Society,
Very soon work will start on the completion of our Hanson House. We have nearly reached our financial goal of $80,000. Thanks to all of our supporters and friends who offered funds and encouragement over the past 4+ years. It is a great moment when we can save this memorial of our history, a benchmark of our community development. The date for completion is set for June 15, 2014, when a celebration is planned. If you would like to see what is going on, stop in at the house for a visit to the site. If someone is working, peek in the window or, better yet, call me at 495-0639 for a personal tour.
We also have been in contact with several archeologists proposing to do some exploring around the farm site. It has been occupied since about 1833 and not seriously disturbed. It could be a treasure trove.
Our Annual Meeting is coming up in November. We are happy to have had a good year offering the community exposure to an insight into our rich history. Thank you for your support of our organization. Thanks to our volunteers and workers. Without members, workers, volunteers and visitors we would be nothing. We look forward to seeing you at our October and November meetings.

George Evenson, President
Door County Historical Society
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From the Heritage Village
As of October 6th, the 2013 season of the Heritage Village is officially closed. After I have shared information first with the Village Committee, I will distribute more information with the whole membership. But let it be said, we had a very good season. This is the first season we operated under our new arrangement of management. We succeeded in places, faltered in others. We learned more and have more yet to learn. We brought the Village up to date in many areas that were necessary. I would like to think we had good programming. For the first time we had staff on site every day of the week which I will show at a later time had a significant impact on our season.
Let me ask a request of you. The damage inflicted in the Warren House and School Building by vandals discharging fire extinguishers has left us with a $1,000 insurance deductible. We can be grateful it pays that much! However, $1,000.00 puts a crimp on the whole society’s budget. In addition, we have been advised to install some security cameras which, of course, means an additional unbudgeted expenditure. If any of you are able to help defray this expense, your help would be greatly appreciated. Checks can be sent to the Door County Historical Society, PO Box 71, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. Please indicate on your check that it is for Village repair! Thank you so kindly.
Now what? I hope to lead the Village Committee, over the winter months, in an intense and grueling self-analysis of everything we do at the Village. We can’t rely only on what’s been or always been done. It’s time for us to identify our public, our funding and appropriate program-ming. Will this be fun? Not likely. But the continued support of the Historical Society members has been very important, and will be even more crucial in the future. Your suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all our VERY dedicated Volunteers! And thank you all for a good year!

Dan G Olson
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse…

The leaves are turning red, the days are growing darker, and the lighthouse is getting colder…time to shutter the windows and wrap up the 2013 season. There were so many highlights this year…reviewing the past five months makes my heart very happy.
First and foremost is my staff: Mark Emmerling, Ed Felhofer, Jennifer Moeller, Carol Schuster, Ann Sheridan, Myrv Somerhalder, Edward and Marilyn Stone (merchandise manager), and Chris Weidenbacher. These wonderful people are so special. They share their talents every day, step in to help at a moment’s notice, and truly work as a team. And we all really care about each other. Sadly, our family will lose Mark, an NWTC educator, who is leaving us this year.
But the opposite of sadness is joy…and I am happy to announce the lighthouse now has a site manager. Chris has been
with us for three years and I am excited to share the management responsibilities with him. Both Chris and Myrv have done amazing things at the light-station, beautifying the grounds and cleaning out the brush. Looks great!
We celebrated our 50th anniversary providing tours to the public on September 1 with about 800 visitors. It was absolutely magical to see so many people walking the grounds, photographing the lighthouse, and stepping through our back door. Two hundred twenty-three adults and children toured the house; everyone 18 and younger was admitted free.
Our relationship with Peninsula State Park continues to grow and we are very grateful to Kelli Bruns and her staff for their constant support. We are awaiting a decision on the installation of pavers in front of our stone-wall, and more importantly, a final ok on the replacement of our roof. The Oak Leaf schooner anchor is completely restored and looks like new. The light-station is looking grand! (We do need to repaint the tower walls and coat the windows, but that can wait until we have income from the pavers program.)
We have one more special event before we lock the doors. On Friday – October 11, Friday – October 18, and Saturday – October 19 we will once again host tours by lantern-light. Storytelling, music, and visit by Keeper Duclon’s wife Julia will entertain the entire family. Admission will be charged and warm clothing is encouraged.
And finally, we are very grateful to Tom Young, owner of Gibraltar Grill in Fish Creek, for naming Eagle Bluff the recipient of their October non-profit of the month. Hope you can stop by for a pasta special; you will be contributing to the wealth of the lighthouse.

Patti Podgers,
Curator/General Manager

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