Upcoming Event/August 2012 Meeting  

The Schopf House Dedication
August 27th
Picnic at the Village

Though the reconstruction will not be completed, the Village Committee invites the members of the Door County History Society to a the dedication of the Schopf House at the August picnic meeting at Historical Village at the Crossroads at Big Creek.

We believe the house was built around 1900, a time when most Door County residents were farmers, predominantly from Europe. Door County was completely forested before European settlement, but by the end of the 19th century, most of the good logs were cut and gone.

Gus and Caroline Lautenbach, who built the home, came from southwest Germany in hopes of building a better life for themselves and their ten children.

Mr. Lautenbach was a harness maker – a significant job in a world run by horse power. He also was a farmer, working 14 hours a day to grow food for his family and maybe sell a little surplus. But money was always scarce, and life was hard. Disease was common and one of Gus and Caroline’s kids died. The Lautenbachs were charter members of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

After a few years, this home was sold. From 1918-2005 it belonged to the Harry and Christian Ostrand family who were Norwegians. Their son, Henry Ostrand, bought the home and his family lived in it until 2005. Next Bob Costa owned it, and he donated it to the Door County Historical Society.

The house is named for Orville Schopf, former Door County Historian and former president of the Door County Historical Society. He was instrumental in finding this home and getting it moved to this site in 2006.

Bonnie Balch is the Chair of the Schopf House Team and she and her group are frantically working on the first floor interior in order to be ready for the event.

Hope you can join us for the dedication!

Your August newsletter will contain the reservation form so be sure to watch for it.

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