Greene General Store and Heritage Garden

Visit the store and the toys, clothing, tools and housewares of the 1890′s. Meet Mrs. Greene; visit her garden and hear her stories.

Old School Days c. 1898

Join children in the schoolhouse for a fun-filled visit. Imagine all eight grades in one room, learning reading, writing script, and ciphering from one schoolmarm.

Warren Family Farm c. 1877

Explore the Warren farmhouse; home to a family of eight, and sometimes even nine and ten. Where did so many people sleep and eat, and how did they spend the long, cold Wisconsin winter?

Schopf House

Welcome to the house styled as a family might have done in 1910; after they had updated their 1890′s log home with “modern” conveniences.

Village Blacksmiths

Watch the Blacksmiths at work as they make tools, housewares, buckles and other items of iron.

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