June 2014 Newsletter  

Words From the President
By: George Evenson

I wish to thank all the volunteers and other that helped us get ready for this season. Everything look great and we are expecting a great season.
Please stop in at the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Heritage Village at Big Creek, Sunday Programs and our new addition Hanson House. Also stop by and visit the Greene Store and all the new items we have to offer for sale. Thanks to everybody.

News from Heritage Village at Big Creek
By: Dan Olson, Curator/Manager

June 15th is coming upon us much faster than we think, just now. The Village’s opening day! If you were to take a walk through the Village just now you’d find the Greene Store painted inside and out, and the vestibule of the chapel completely redone after a leak that was not easy to find or repair. All of the rest of the Village is mostly ready to go. One place may look like bedlam just now. Because there has been a desire to convert at least part of the store into more of an area for sales items, the inside has been completely transfigured. This thanks to Mary Gilbert. DO NOT get in the way of this human dynamo! She is working constantly to rearrange the store to have it open by June 15th. Trust me, it will be done. And you’ll like the results.

I am still anxiously waiting for volunteer forms to be returned. If you received one, please return it as soon as possible. Without a good crew of volunteers we simply can’t operate.

And, also, if you cannot actively volunteer, we ask that you actively support us monetarily.
Please make every effort to visit the Village as often as possible. June 15th feature the Door County Symphonic Band along with an ice cream social.
Wish us well for a great 2014 season!

Dan G Olson

What’s New at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse…
By: Patti Podgers, Curator/Manager

The sun is shining, the apple and cherry trees are blooming, and summer has finally arrived…though we skipped spring altogether. And with the much improved weather, we welcome our seasonal residents and vacationers to our beautiful peninsula. A number of years ago the Door County Visitor Bureau implemented a program entitled “Certified Tourism Ambassador” or CTA, with the goal of enhancing our visitors’ experience. Now you might think, “well, I am not part of Door County’s tourism industry. Why should I know about CTA?” Well, let me explain what a CTA is and does, and then you can decide.
In my former position at the Door Community Auditorium, the entire staff took the certification classes which are designed to inform and educate everyone involved in tourism. That includes wait staff, docents, (think Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and the Heritage Village at Big Creek), clerks in stores, and visitor center staff. Literally anyone who is asked a question, maybe “how did Egg Harbor get its name?”
The course for certification as a CTA involved studying an extensive notebook of information including our demographics, past and current industries, village settlement, early exploration, customs and festivals–well, you get the picture.
But reading the binder of information was only part of certification. We were assigned a class date, a half-day devoted to reviewing the material and exchanging ideas for the proper protocol when working with visitors. Answering direct questions like “how good are restaurants XYZ?” is always tricky. We never want to be negative about our communities businesses.
Following the five-hour class we took an open book test on the material we studied. Of course, we all passed with flying colors and were official CTAs. We wear a pin, can use our CTA designation in publicity, and on our business cards. It is a recognition that is means we are dedicated to enhancing the visitor experience in Door County. Sadly, I let my certification lapse when I left DCA. But I corrected my mistake this spring!
And I hope many of our volunteers and staff will follow along and complete their certification, as well. The fee is minimal and the class was great fun. Now when I sign my name, I can add CTA as a tag. In reality, we are all ambassadors for Door County. Every time you suggest a restaurant or bring someone to the lighthouse for a tour, you are an ambassador and that is why we all should have a copy of the DCVB Official Visitors Guide handy. And the Door County Historical Society is a member of DCVB!!
So how did Egg Harbor get its name? So glad you asked! Settled in 1855 by Levi and Jacob Thorp as part of the Township of Gibraltar, the Village of Egg Harbor was established six years later. According to legend, the town was named by Increase Claflin. Apparently, he was fishing a horseshoe out of the harbor and uncovered a nest of duck eggs. And so the town forever after will be Egg Harbor. (The story I always heard before I moved to Door County was the one about the sailors having an egg fight on the shore.) Enjoy this wonderful weather and steer your visitors in the direction of the lighthouse and Village.
Trivia question for 10 points: How many tart cherries grown on an average tree? Bonus question for 20 points: How many pies can you make from one cherry tree? Look for the answers in next months’ newsletter!


David Mailand

GENTLE REMINDER: We need payment with all reservations – we have to pay for each meal whether you show up to the dinner or not. If we do not have payment with the reservation we are still obligated to pay for that reservation. Thank you all for your consideration!

MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014 – 6:30 PM

PROGRAM: Searching for Marquette in Sturgeon Bay, presented by Ruth Nelson
DINNER: Pork loin with mashed potatoes, vegetable, assorted bars and cookies OR Pasta

PHONE __________________ Email:
MEMBERS & THEIR GUESTS – Number Attending _____ X $20.00 =
NON-MEMBERS _____ X $23.00 = __________
MEAL CHOICE: ________ (#) of Pork
________ (#) of Pasta
I (we) would like to make an additional donation to the DCHS: TOTAL ENCLOSED:

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS ARE DUE IN SPRING. Please note – If You Have Not Paid Your Annual Dues Please Take A Moment And Do So Today. THANK YOU!!!!

Searching for Marquette in Sturgeon Bay

The Door County Historical Society will host Ruth D. Nelson, author of Searching for Marquette, as guest speaker at their monthly meeting and dinner, Monday, June 23, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club. Ms. Nelson will present on the monuments and artwork which retell the story of the 17th-century French Jesuit missionary-explorer, Father Jacques Marquette, who passed through Sturgeon Bay in 1674.

With images and maps, Ms. Nelson will re-trace Marquette’s steps throughout the Great Lakes and Mississippi River regions, highlighting Marquette’s encounters and friendships with regional Native American tribes along his route. Special emphasis will be on Marquette’s passage through Sturgeon Bay.

Ruth D. Nelson received her MA in Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago. For her thesis research on the Marquette Building in Chicago, she received the Corning Museum of Glass Rakow Research Grant in 2005.

June 23, 2014 – Searching For Marquette, presented by Ruth Nelson – Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club
July 28, 2014 – Postcards from the Past, presented by Richard Lauder – The Mill Supper Club
August 25, 2014 – Cherries, Cherries, Cherries presented by Dale Seaquist – Mr. G’s
September 22, 2014 – 335 Years of Clay Bank’s History in 20 Minutes presented by Doug Weimer – Coun’s C Club
October 27, 2014 – Farming in Door County presented by George Evenson – Moravian Church
November 24, 2014 – Thordarson and Rock Island presented by Richard Purinton – Prince of Peace Church

1) Volunteers – we are in need of people to help at the Village to mark artifacts and various other small projects and helping man the Greene Store (training provided) when tours are being conducted. If you can spare an hour or two a month we’d appreciate it – let us know what you’d like to help with
2) Docents – if you love history and enjoy people this is the place to be! A couple of hours in the afternoon to greet visitors and show them around the village (training is provided).
Please contact Dan Olson at 920-421-2332 as soon as possible so we can include you in training which will be scheduled for late May and/or early June.
The Village is hoping to acquire the following – if you have some, please phone Nan Krause at 746-0628

• Lace or Muslin material to make curtains in Schopf House
• canned food items in canning jars so if you have any wheat grain, home canned items like tomatoes, pickles, apples, green beans, corn, sauerkraut, cherries, etc. We would appreciate what you could spare.
• The old lids and rubbers which could fit over the newer style lids.
• Antique children’s clothing, or items for children to use to play house, and hand wash clothes by using a wash board, clothes line, and such items as aprons, dish or bath towels, dish cloths, underwear, or other washable clothing items.
• old time baseball bat and ball and straw hats for the boys

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