Abe Lincoln

Volunteer at the Door County Historical Society  

This is the year – time to volunteer
So much to learn – so many yearn
for the knowledge you have to share
so help us in our quest
to share what you know best!

The Door County Historical Society through the Historical Village at Crossroads and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse can’t preserve and educate about people of the past without our many volunteers. We are asking for your input and assistance as our committees plan for the next season.  The Village Committee has learned that special events draw more visitors and the goal is to have an event or program every possible weekend in summer and fall,  but we can’t do it without the help of our volunteers.

We realize not everyone is comfortable being an interpreter, but what about operating the general store, being a blacksmith  apprentice, helping with repairs or working in pairs or teams? Gather your friends, family and neighbors – get them involved – they don’t have to be a member (although we’d love to have them!) as everyone is welcome! Fill in the Volunteer Application and call (920) 421-2332.

Volunteer Application



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